• The second beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.1 contains icons possibly depicting the widely rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro with slightly thinner bezels (Joe Rossignol/MacRumors)
  • Paris-based mobile game maker Madbox, which says it has generated 100M game downloads, raises €15M Series A from Alven Capital (Romain Dillet/TechCrunch)

How much security do you really need?

Does money make you feel secure? Probably not if you’re a CISO. According to our new report, “The Security Bottom Line,” no matter how large your budget is, you’re not likely to feel that you have everything you need to effectively protect your environment from cyberattacks. But you can still put other capabilities and practices in place to shore up your defenses. As part of the report, we surveyed security…


Facebook promises action on 2020 US election fraud, wipes out fake networks from Russia, Iran

Facebook has wiped out networks of fake accounts created to spread fake news and propaganda and has also promised to take a stand against the platform being abused in the wake of upcoming elections.  Four separate networks of accounts, Pages, and Groups have been eradicated from the social network and Instagram after moderators found they were engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Cybersecurity Policy at Facebook said…


How Much Security Is Enough? Practitioners Weigh In

Most IT and security pros surveyed say they could afford some, but not all, of the minimum security needed to protect themselves. How much security do you need to effectively protect your organization’s infrastructure? Most (84% of) IT decision-makers say they can’t afford the minimum amount, according to new study from Cisco. Researchers with Cisco surveyed 80 IT decision-makers on security budgeting and planning and found that more than half…

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