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The world’s 10 wealthiest men doubled their fortunes during the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic as poverty and inequality soared. Oxfam said the men’s wealth jumped from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion, at an average rate of $1.3 billion per day

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North Korea fires ‘ballistic missile’ towards Japan in fourth ‘provocative’ launch of 2022 by Kim Jong-un

NORTH Korea fired has fired what could be a ballistic missile towards Japan – in its fourth launch of 2022. South Korea’s military and Japan’s coast guard reported that the North had fired an “unidentified projectile” toward the ocean off its east coast. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff didn’t immediately say whether the projectile […]


Is it legal? Will I get in any trouble?

So this is going to sound completely stupid. But back in 2016 I created my first Roblox account. Stupid little me decided “I should put gibberish as my password” (Foreshadowing am I right), fast forward to 2018 I decided to make an alt while completely…