• Protecting accounts from credential stuffing with password breach alerting
  • A Hacker Guide To Deep Learning Based Side Channel Attacks
  • Deconstructing the Phishing Campaigns that Target Gmail Users
  • Understanding the online safety and privacy challenges faced by South Asian women
  • Cutting Edge TensorFlow – Keras Tuner: hypertuning for humans

Hack Naked TV – April 8, 2016

Welcome to another episode of Hack Naked TV recorded April 8th 2016. Aaron covers the Panama Papers, Cyber-Insurance, Ransomware, Hacking Team, and the Pentagon’s bug bounty program.


Life in One Cubic Foot

[embedded content] What can we discover in just a cubic foot of Earth? As it turns out, a whole lot! Biocubes—the life in a cubic foot of soil or water over one day—capture enough variation to explore the complexity of entire ecosystems. Through this interactive exhibition, enter the small worlds of biocubes with Smithsonian researchers and other scientists as they investigate a range of marine biocubes to uncover amazingly complex…


Cownose Rays Aquitted: Not Guilty of Decimating Chesapeake Oysters

By Kimbra Cutlip Cownose Ray (“Rhinoptera bonasus”) on exhibit in the Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons, MD. Ten years ago, cownose rays in the Atlantic got a bad rap when this species (Rhinoptera bonasus) was accused of excessively eating up scallops in North Carolina and oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. At the time both shellfish populations were crashing and rays became the scapegoat. A perceived spike in ray numbers was reportedly…



The INMARSAT Developer Conference is one of the largest gathering events in the developer community of the maritime business. This year, it took place in London on 29/2 – 01/03 and top-industry professionals came together to celebrate engineering, development and innovation. Marpoint’s management attended the conference and mingled with more than 500 attendees, participated in […] The post INMARSAT CONFERENCE – IDC2016 LONDON appeared first on Marpoint. Source: http://marpoint.gr


toolsmith #115: Volatility Acuity with VolUtility

Yes, we’ve definitely spent our share of toolsmith time on memory analysis tools such as Volatility and Rekall, but for good reason. I contend that memory analysis is fundamentally one of the most important skills you’ll develop and utilize throughout your DFIR career.By now you should have read The Art of Memory Forensics, if you haven’t, it’s money well spent, consider it an investment.If there is one complaint, albeit a…


Elevator Social Engineering

I’ve spent years fiddling with social engineering at a bank of elevators. At first it was just part of the job (getting past security) and now it’s become something more of an analytic game. Let’s say you have six doors, where you have to push the button and wait for one to open. A crowd forms, three, five, maybe even seven people. Should you try to jump in first when…

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