BC Security’s Empire/Starkiller & Kali Linux

We have always worked to support the information security community as a whole, and over the years experimented with different ideas (some with a greater success than others). One of the key components to Kali is the tools included (either pre-installed or installed via apt). Joining together Infosec professional/hobbyist and tool authors, today we are…

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January 19, 2021

Ransomware is Still a Blight on Business

Ransomware is Still a Blight on Business Trends come and go with alarming regularity in cybersecurity. Yet a persistent menace over the past few years has been ransomware. Now mainly targeting organizations rather than consumers, and with increasingly sophisticated tools and tactics at their disposal, the cybercriminals behind these campaigns have been turning up the…

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July 28, 2020

Delivering on the Promise of Business-Driven Security™ Globally

Today, with the introduction of RSA Business-Driven Security, we also introduced the RSA Risk and Cybersecurity Practice. This Practice includes more than 650 globally deployed, employee-based cybersecurity and risk experts to help our clients operationalize their unique business-driven security strategy. Our primary tenant is enabling and accelerating the business while reducing risk, thus creating the foundation for a client’s risk and/or cybersecurity program. RSA helps clients operationalize their program through…

February 13, 2017