Police Warn Students To Avoid Sci-Hub

Police have warned students in the UK against using the Sci-Hub website, which they say lets users “illegally access” millions of scientific research papers. Specifically, the police say the website could “pose a threat to their personal information an…

March 20, 2021

Netflix Tests Cracking Down On Password Sharing

Netflix is testing a new feature that could signal the start of an effort to crack down on password sharing. Hollywood Reporter reports: Spotted by GammaWire, some viewers attempting to use somebody else’s account are now being stopped by a screen that…

March 12, 2021

Best Torrent Sites for 2021

By Saad Rajpoot
Looking for reliable and best torrent sites during lockdown? Look no further. Today we are going to discuss the best torrent sites in 2021. Before we begin, we need to clarify that we do not support the use of pirated content. We suppor…

February 7, 2021